Birch, 1st Moon of the Celtic Year (Dec 24th – Jan 21st)

The graceful white bole of the Birch rises from the chaos of shrubs and thorns. It is one of the first trees to flower in Spring. Known as the “Lady of the Woods”, Birch is associated with fertility and new beginnings. Children’s cradles were made from birch and it was used to bestow fertility on cattle and newlyweds.  

It’s distinctive white bark symbolises purity of thought and determination. Although slender and gentle in appearance it’s endurance and inner strength allows it to grow on terrain where other trees cannot; creating opportunity for other flora to grow and thus it births entire forests.

One of the first trees to grow in Ireland after the Ice Age, in Celtic Astrology Birch symbolized the dawn of spring and the sun and is sacred during the festival of Samhain.

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