Gaelic Woodland Project Mission:

We’re crowdfunding for the planting of a new woodland in the center of Ireland which will be dedicated to Ireland, the Irish Diaspora and our shared heritage.

To commemorate the centenary of the state we’re giving the International Irish Community the chance to pay homage to their ancestors and replant their roots in their ancestral home.

This new woodland will be in the Heart of Ireland near the Hill of Uisneach. This hill was the meeting point of the five provinces and considered to be the spiritual center of the island in Celtic mythology.

A fitting place for a park filled with native trees, flowers, and wildlife, with a spiraling path leading to a standing stone at its center; dedicated to Ireland’s scattered generations.

With the help of the Irish Wildlife Trust, we will create balanced biodiversity that welcomes Ireland’s native species and rekindles our ancestral connection to the land and our duty to protect and preserve it.

Our initial goal is 10 acres (estimated €45,000).

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  1. Hi, your link on the front page “Become an Irish landowner” is wrong, it is pointing to a page to edit your campaign, it should point to

    1. Thank you for the heads up Derbhla. Our focus has been elsewhere for the past 2 months. Now the WordPress is (almost) completed; we have fixed the error you pointed out. Best wishes, Eoghan.

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