Vessel of People-Powered Reforestation

The Gaelic Woodland Project is the vessel of People-Powered Reforestation. We’re gathering the International Irish Community to become partons of the woodlands; by working together we can pay homage to our ancestors with the planting of a commemorative woodland in the Heart of Ireland: dedicating it to Ireland’s scattered generations. The woodland will mark their absence and welcome their descendants home for generations to come.

We, now breathing, have the opportunity to sow the seeds of an intergenerational rewilding movement that will be carried on by generations after and, in time, will reclaim the wilds of Ireland lost to history.

The woodland will be placed near the Hill of Uisneach in Westmeath, the political and spiritual capital of Ancient Ireland. From atop this hill, Dublin and Galway lay on the horizon. A spiralled trail will lead visitors to its centre, where, in 2045, a standing stone will be placed to commemorate the 200-year anniversary of the Great Famine. It will stand for the millions who had to abandon their homes and those who perished.

We want to work with communities to establish green habitat corridors that link our new woodland to old-growth, exponentially increasing biodiversity and habitat. The woodland will be preserved forever; the symbolic Brehon Law title of Tiarna na Coillte-Mor will be bestowed on those who become Patrons on the Woodlands.

To the Diaspora, far from home, we have a message: you’re apart of Ireland; from her shores you’ve flowered the world, you are most welcome home.

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