We’re calling upon individuals and businesses throughout the National and International Irish Community to create a commemorative biodiverse woodland in Ireland. The planting is funded by the Native Woodland Scheme Grant so we use 100% of donations to buy land… read more

The Woodland

This natural site will be designed to create ecological niches filled with Irish oak and flowers, and rich in natural resources to support wildlife, including the native Irish black bee. This woodland will increase biodiversity, link existing habitats, and sequester carbon. In 2045, a standing stone will be placed in a central grove to mark the 200-year anniversary of the Great Famine. 


Working with the Moate Action Group (local town planners) we will design this woodland to increase slow eco-tourism and support local businesses. Close to the Hill of Uisneach, the centre of Gaelic Ireland, and the site of the ancient Bealtaine Fires (Summer Festival), the woodland will be the newest addition to Ireland’s Ancient East.  

People Powered

As well as the charity’s directors, there are many people behind the scenes that make this whole project possible. 

From volunteers helping out at our events and others donating their time and skills to different aspects of the project. We would not be where we are without the people around this project. 

Registered Charity

This charity is run by 3 Directors and a Secretary, all passionate about Ireland’s future. We are all working professionals volunteering our time, skills, and funds to the project so that 100% of the donations received will go to the Woodland. Registered Charity (RCN: 20206178). 

Our Goals

Invigorate the International Irish Community by offering the Irish Diaspora a piece of their ancestral lands. Increase vitally important biodiversity. Increase eco tourism and create a National Rewilding Movement…read more.

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