Mission Statement

The Gaelic Woodland Project is a Registered Charity (RCN: 20206178) managed by volunteers. Our mission is to plant a commemorative woodland in Ireland, dedicated to Éire and the Irish Diaspora.

This land will be turned into a complex habitat with ecological niches to support wildlife, biodiversity and link existing habitat. This Irish Oasis will sequester carbon and help reclaim Ireland’s lost wilderness.

In 2045, a standing stone will be placed in a central grove to mark the 200-year anniversary of the Great Famine. We want this to be the beacon that welcomes Ireland’s scattered generations home.

The Native Woodland Scheme Grant will finance the planting of trees and the premiums will cover any operational costs. This means that 100% of your donations can be used to purchase land.

Mission Statement

The Gaelic Woodland Project is about taking Stewardship of the land. We’re paying homage to our Ancestors and gifting posterity their ecological inheritance by sowing the seed of an ancient Irish forest in the Heart of Ireland.

The deforestation of Ireland is commensurate to the 200-years of haemorrhaging emigration experienced after the Famine. During this time, Ireland’s scattered generations bloomed in all corners of the world whilst the land was stripped bare.

We want to mark the lacuna left by both with the creation of a new forest in Ireland, filled with Irish oak and flowers, and rich in natural resources to support wildlife, including the native Irish Black Bee.

Planted in Mide (the Kingdom of Meath), in the centre of Gaelic Ireland, this forest will be the beacon to welcome the Diaspora home for generations to come. Let it be the embodiment of our empowerment and recognition of our responsibility.

Patrons will receive their own 21-year licensed plot with the title of Caomhnóir na Coillte Mór (Guardian of the Great Wood). We will strategically expand this woodland and link it to existing natural sites to exponentially increase habitat.

They’re 70 million Irish worldwide, hear the call, it is time Ireland bloomed again.

Eoghan Connaughton, Founder.

August 2021

The Boyne River, County Meath.
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