We are a registered charity (RCN: 20206178), run by skill-sharing volunteers, committed to creating an ecologically complex patchwork of native habitats in Ireland. Founded by Eoghan Connaughton, we became an official charity in 2022 (here we are in the Charities Register).

Many people care about the environment, and we want to create an outdoor learning hub to turn that passion into action. Through our work with removing invasive species and our fundraising to create a native woodland, we hope to bring the power of communities together in the service of Irish ecology.

You can read about work on RTÉ News here, or listen to our founder Eoghan Connaughton discussing our mission on RTÉ RadioOne here.


We are structured in a 3-tiers approach: the roots, the trunk and the leaves:

The Roots:
A Board of Directors and a Secretary, all of us are passionate about Ireland’s future. We are all working professionals volunteering our time, skills, and funds to the project so that 100% of the donations received will go to the project.

Eoghan Connaughton
Enviromental Scientist

Elina Peltokoski
Business Analyst

Santiago Rial
Graphic Designer

Aron Hegarty

Benny Ennis
Forestry Student

The Trunk:
A wider team of Advisors, experienced volunteers that bring in their expertise to help the Board make decisions, consider possibilities and organise events, fundraisers and communication strategies.

The Leaves:
With our meitheal days out, fundraising efforts and awareness campaigns, there’s a lot of work to do and we’ve been blessed by an ever-growing team of volunteers who have stepped up to join the fun, helping ecology while making new friends and building community. If you’d like to get involved, here’s how!

Fundraising hike in Glendalough, March 2023, organised by the Earthy Marketplace.