Become a Patron of the Woods

What are we doing?

We’re raising money to buy land in the Heart of Ireland. Then, using the Native Woodland Scheme Grant, we will plant a new native woodland. This commemorative woodland will be dedicated to Ireland and the Irish Diaspora.

Its design will welcome native species, bee migration and biodiversity. A spiral trail will lead visitors to its centre. In 2045 we will plant a standing stone to mark the 200-year anniversary of the Great Famine.

Why are we doing this?

After centuries of mismanagement, Ireland now has the lowest native forestry cover in Europe (less than 2%). We’re on a mission to heal the wounds of history by strengthening the bonds of the International Irish Community by working TOGETHER to reclaim our lost forests.

—  Lowest native forestry cover in Europe less than 2%

—  Drastically lower then the European average  — 

—  +70% of Irish Forest is Monoculture Commerical Forestry   —   

How you can help?

Contribute to our Go FundMe .

Donations of over €25 will be gifted with a 21-year licensed plot in the woodland. Reclaim your ancestral lands!
You will also be bestowed the symbollic Brehon Law title of Tiarna na Coillte Mor (Lord/Lady of the Great Wood).

These certificates will be emailed to you when we buy the land. A decorative certificate can also be ordered.

100% of donations will go to creating the woodland.

Hill Of Uisneach – Beltane Festival

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