4 Peaks Challenge Donation

Hiking fundraiser

We’re raising money to buy land which will be turned into a native woodland.

The Four Peak Challenge is an endurance hike to climb the peaks of Ireland in 48 hours. Beginning at sunrise in County Kerry, you walk into the embrace of Carrauntoohill and ascend the Devil’s Ladder to the highest point in Ireland. And it’s not even breakfast.

The next peak is the Head of the Bald King in Mayo, Cnoc Maol Reidh. Considered the most dangerous mountain in Ireland.

The third peak is a journey up Slieve Donard in county Down and is a relaxing meander through wood by stream into the Mourne Mountains. Atop Antrim, you’ll find Ulster crowned by a cairn.

The final peak is in Wicklow, Lughnaquilla. This is the highest point in Ireland, outside Kerry of course.

Every patron given a licensed plot and invited to participate in the (re)wilding experience.

The average price of agricultural land in Ireland reached €10,316 an acre in 2020.

€1 Donation rewilds 4 square feet of Ireland.

Our first goal is 50-acres. This will be the largest Native Woodland in Westmeath.

We need 515,800 people with 1 donations, or 5,158  people with 100 donations, or 52 people with 1,000 donations.

Help us to Re-Forest Ireland.