Fight for our Forests: March 2023

March 14th Update: We have raised over €18,000!
100% of all donations are reserved for purchasing land.
We will find another suitable location if this site cannot be bought.
Accounts will be sent to donors for our AGM in April.

Flash Fundraiser for a Forest

The Gaelic Woodland Project (RCN: 20206178) is buying land NOW to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Great Famine in 2045. All patrons offered a piece of history.

The Details Here & Donate Below:

We’re buying a field in Meath to rewild! Guided by science and powered by Community, but we need help buying it: €150 returns 100m2 to nature forever.

All donations will be used to buy land; forestry grants will supply trees, and the Annual Premiums will enhance the site ecologically.

All patrons are invited to join the Rewilding Experience: introduce trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, mosses and fungi- all done by hand.

The land is FOR SALE NOW! All donations are reserved for buying it, so join us now and tell your friends today.

If 300 people donate €150 and convince two friends to join them, we can buy the land. Three for the Trees!

All patrons will be offered a 21-year licensed plot.

(Re)Wilding Field:

10 acres: Woodland
9 acres: Wetland
4 acres: Grassland

Great Value:

€150 = 100m2 returned to nature forever!

What we Offer:

All donations are reserved for land purchasing
(€1.50 = 1m2);

All patrons are given a 21-year licensed plot;

And invited to partake in the rewilding experience in 2024.

Donate: Claim your family plot.

We welcome larger donations & support of businesses:

Every patron given a licensed plot and invited to participate in the (re)wilding experience.

Click here to see and download our A4 information poster.

One more thing:

Eoghan Connaughton (Project Lead) is a master’s student at Trinity College Dublin researching ‘Rewilding Post-Productive Landscapes‘. This enterprise is guided by an inter-county and international community of skill-sharing volunteers. We’re also working with Green Belt Ltd (registered foresters).

We will hold meitheals (volunteer days) to rewild the site with workshops and lectures; all patrons will be invited to participate.