Our Goals


Increase Biodiversity

Ireland’s intact natural habitats are few and small. We will engage in strategic rewilding to link these habitats together. 10% of Irish forestry is in the hedgerows. We will work with landowners and organisations to expand these and help communities repurpose unused public land to create new community woodlands with the Neighbourwood Scheme Grant. Our plan is to create green corridors that link existing natural sites together, exponentially increasing biodiversity and habitat.

Rewilding Movement

We want to create a National Rewilding Movement through Universities by creating a directory of tree nurseries around the country and organising student discounts. By networking with Registered Forestry Groups, we will also make it easier for them to avail of the Native Woodland Scheme Grant and rewild their communities.

Irish Community

Invigorate the International Irish Community: By offering the Irish Diaspora a piece of their ancestral lands and facilitating international cooperation, contributors and their children will have an active role in Irish conservation and imbue the Irish Identity with a greater purpose. Our Immrama Archive will document their family’s journey within the greater story of Ireland.


The flagship woodland will be along the Old Athlone-Mullingar Rail Line. This 34km track has been paved and will facilitate pedestrian access from Roscommon to Meath. Coupled with the Dun na Si Heritage Park and the Hill of Uisneach, this woodland will increase the touristic chain value of the area and capitalise on the Dublin-Galway thoroughfare. In 100-years this woodland will be an unmissable visit for those coming to Ireland to reconnect with their roots.

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