Stop Selling Invasive Species

petition at the bottom of this article TO PROHIBIT the sale of invasive species in Ireland. Groundwork was established by students in 1981 to tackle the Rhododendron infestation in Killarney National Park. These volunteers coordinated sweeping exercises across 40-acres for 3-months of the year to remove shrubs and new saplings. In 2010, after 30-years ofContinue reading “Stop Selling Invasive Species”

Riparian Forestry: Forests for Water

In December 2021, the EPA warned that increasing demand on our waters, coupled with their deteriorating quality, poses a risk to the “health of a large portion of the population”. As the situation worsens, the consensus emerging is that, despite our best efforts, we can not protect our waters with current policy. We present aContinue reading “Riparian Forestry: Forests for Water”