Woodland Location

Mide (meaning ‘middle’) is the old Kingdom of Meath which is now divided into Meath and Westmeath. This is the Heart of Gaelic Ireland and the centre of Ireland’s Ancient East.

We’re reaching out to landowners and speaking with the County Councils to find a site in this area. We’re hoping to find a suitable field near the town of Moate in the centre of Ireland. The Old Mullingar-Athlone Railway runs through the town and has been turned into a Greenway which will facilitate pedestrian access from Dublin to Galway.

We are keeping a broad scope and open to creating this woodland on any suitable site in the old Kingdom. We will expand our afforestation to link this woodland to existing habitats. We will also be working with farmers to enhance hedgerows and field margins to increase the overall biodiversity of the area around the site.

The woodland will be designed to increase slow eco-tourism and support local businesses. This site will eventually be made accessible to the public and in 2045 a standing stone will be placed in a central grove to commemorate the 200-year anniversary of the Great Famine.

The woodland will be designed for ecological complexity and will be the newest addition to Ireland’s Ancient East.