We're gathering the international community to replant Ireland's lost forests. Contributors will receive a 21-year licensed plot of the woodland and the symbollic Brehon Law title of Tiarna na Coillte Mór.

Gaelic Woodland Project

The Gaelic Woodland Project is raising money through the International Irish Community to buy land in Westmeath to afforest; this new woodland will be planted with the Native Woodland Scheme Grant, filled with native flora, and dedicated to Ireland’s scattered generations.

Our approach will tackle Ireland’s carbon emission deficit by increasing carbon sequestering in new broadleaf forestry; our wilderness strategy will help native wildlife by linking old-growth vegetation in the area with green corridors, exponentially increasing biodiversity and habitat.  

We will offer the Diaspora a piece of their ancestral land; it will be a living memorial to the struggles and triumphs of their families and be the beacon that welcomes home their children for generations to come.

We hope to collect thus far unrecorded family stories in our Irish Immrama Archive and name the woodland after an Irish Immigrant. QR codes will be placed at certain trees so visitors can rest and read their stories. 

The central woodland will be the flagship in our operation; a commemorative standing stone will be placed at its center in 2045, on the 200-year anniversary of the Great Famine. 

We will simultaneously promote and share Irish tales, language, music, lore, crafts and encourage nationwide rewilding as we manifest the idea of a green and wild Ireland that is often imagined but rarely experienced. 

Motivation, Management & Current Status:

Motivation: We, living now, are blessed with abundance and hindsight. From this plateau, we can see the wear of history upon the land and in communities. Notably, the lacuna left after 200-years of emigration and the deforestation of the island.

Ireland’s scattered generations, commensurate to her lost woodlands, are scars upon the island that the Gaelic Woodland Project hopes to heal with the planting of a new woodland.

We will reinvigorate the roots that connect us and sow the seeds of an inter-generational reforestation project that will bloom for all our descendants to come.

Management: Our Board is committed to the vision of this project: a wilder, greener Ireland. We believe that this can only be done by working together as a community. Individuals with a variety of skills have joined our team, sharing our People-Powered Reforestation mantra. This project is open to all who wish to be involved; we want to decentralise operations so that grassroots rewilding can happen in local communities.

Current Status: The Gaelic Woodland Project is a registered company (no: 659581); our application with the Charity Regulator is being processed (ref: SR7908) 

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