We’re raising money to buy land which will be turned into a native woodland. To preserve its integrity, the land will be owned by the Gaelic Woodland Project and divided into plots. Patrons will be offered their own 21-year licensed plot.

The Native Woodland Scheme Establishment Grant covers the cost of establishing new woodlands in Ireland. This means we can use your entire donation to buy land.

May 2023 Update after our Annual General Meeting

• Our whole team volunteers so there is no payment for staff.
• Entire outgoing for the year was €4,783.28 (88% of this was from our successful LAWpro grant application for invasive species removal equipment- and will be reimbursed. 16% covered our insurance for our invasive species work. 2% spent on unavoidable fees and charges.)
• Total incoming donations for the year: €18,334.94
• Total savings now (May 2023): €30,999.08

Every patron given a licensed plot and invited to participate in the (re)wilding experience.

If you’re a donor, keep this in mind!

If you have donated more than €250 to the GWP in a year and you pay tax in Ireland, you can authorise the GWP to claim the tax back on your donation – it does not cost you anything more, but your donation will be worth an additional 44.9%. You can do this by sending your completed CHY3 form to us.