We’re raising money to buy land which will be turned into a native woodland. To preserve its integrity, the land will be owned by the Gaelic Woodland Project and divided into plots. Patrons will be offered their own 21-year licensed plot.

The Native Woodland Scheme Establishment Grant covers the cost of establishing new woodlands in Ireland. This means we can use your entire donation to buy land.

**Please Note: We are still in the process of choosing a site; a certificate and licensed plot number will be sent once the land is purchased. Until then, we will keep Patrons updated on developments via our Newsletter.

“Ní neart go cur le chéile

There is no strength without unity

Every patron given a licensed plot and invited to participate in the (re)wilding experience.

The average price of agricultural land in Ireland reached €10,316 an acre in 2020.

€1 Donation rewilds 4 square feet of Ireland.

Our first goal is 50-acres. This will be the largest Native Woodland in Westmeath.

We need 515,800 people with 1 donations, or 5,158  people with 100 donations, or 52 people with 1,000 donations.

Help us to Re-Forest Ireland.